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The management of financial assets consists in managing capital entrusted by an investor, while respecting the regulatory and contractual constraints.
Sandor Investments Management Ltd shall apply the investment policies determined by the Client in order to obtain the best possible return, taking into account the level of risk chosen by the Client.
Definition of the Client's financial profile:
Above all, it is important to define the financial profile of the Client.
This profile will determine the Client's needs and will allow him to understand the types of services offered.

Discretionary management mandate:
Sandor Investments Management Ltd has specific mandates that apply a customized strategy or focus on a specific investment theme. Our account managers select securities and investment products appropriate to the objectives defined in the financial profile.
Decisions regarding the various investments are personalized and fully independent in order to best achieve the desired objectives of our clients.
Furthermore, the portfolio managers of Sandor Investments Management Ltd will be in charge of the careful managing of risks.

Their in-depth knowledge, experience in the financial markets, and their various professional skills contribute to a rigorous and precise work for the benefit of the portfolio.
The professionals of Sandor Investments Management Ltd are available to assist the client in the management of their capital, the processing of administrative points, the evaluation of the capital, and the Anticipation of future revenues