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Our Management Guidelines:

Sandor Investments Management offers flexible, customized management advice based on an adjusted risk assessment and investment decision-making process.

- Preserve capital, avoiding a negative return for the investor.
- Adhere to the risk profile as defined with the Client and target the expected returns.
- As closely as possible, match the risk (volatility) of the portfolio to the level of tolerance envisaged with the client.

Our investment strategies:

Our main objective is to offer excellent returns to our customers, whatever the market conditions, with a level of risk content and standardization.
We make it a point of honor to meet the needs of our customers, with our client-oriented approach and personalized follow-ups, to insure high quality service.

The requirements of our customers are respected and met, with the use of our tailored products and services.
The link between the economy and the financial markets are obvious. Growth, exchange rates, and inflation are paramount parameters for financial markets because they directly influence international economic policies.
Financial assets, on the other hand, are based on the relative value of financial assets and the investors' perception of economic indicators.
Sandor Investments Management Ltd is able to define the optimal economic scenario and determine, in agreement with each customer’s different investment opportunities, taking into account the likely evolution of the financial markets.
Our strategy of real diversification is put in place to meet the defined objectives, especially during periods of market volatility.