Welcome to Sandor Investments Management

Sandor Investments Management is a leading independent provider of fully qualified local and international financial markets, wealth management and asset management services.

Sandor Investments Management offers its private clientele a wide range of services, all of which reflect the values of excellence and discretion that it was founded on.

Our personalized, tailored approach enables us to develop a privileged relationship of lasting trust with our clients.

The Sandor Investments Management team makes it a point of honor to put its clients first, and its watchwords are: professionalism, service, confidentiality and transparency.

Our advantages

Since its inception, Sandor Investments Management has been licensed, regulated and controlled by the Financial Markets Authority in Israel (ISA-Israeli Securities Authority), ensuring the security and confidence of its customers.

Local and international customers benefit from investment solutions and service tailored to their needs.

Through its network of contacts, Sandor Investments Management also benefits from a wide range of services on an international scale.

The wide diversity of skills, languages, cultures and relationships makes Sandor Investments Management a unique and exclusive company, capable of satisfying and responding to even the most complex requests.

Our offers

Sandor Investments Management is proud to have the best investment opportunities on local and international financial markets for its clients, backed by its extensive network of professional providers.

Sandor’s role as an Asset Manager is to accompany its customers over the long term to optimize, develop and perpetuate their capital.

Sandor’s primary objective is to create sustainable value and capture performance in all market configurations, with the aim of offering an optimized risk/return profile.


Discretion: Sandor Investments Management places confidentiality above all else. As a result, our clients can enjoy a relationship of complete trust with complete peace of mind.

Rigor: Sandor Investments Management offers optimized risk management to ensure that our clients; investment objectives are met.

A culture of service: Sandor Investments Management is at the disposal of its clients to offer them the strategies it has developed to satisfy and optimize their aspirations..

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