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In the past, a wealth management office was a private company hired by high-net-worth families to administer and manage their investments and assets. More recently, the services of financial institutions and banks have been added, offering highly personalized financial services to these high-net-worth families.

Asset management offices offer a wide range of services to the families who call on them, from concierge services, hotel reservations and private plane charters, to the management of charitable donations and the day-to-day finances of their many properties.

Asset management offices also take care of more critical matters, such as handling legal affairs.

Facilitating the smooth transfer of wealth

As individuals live longer lives, spanning several generations, the number of people making up an extended family can increase dramatically. Without meticulous and thorough planning, the transfer of wealth to intended beneficiaries can become a potential minefield. Family quarrels, challenges to the donor’s wishes and protracted legal action are not uncommon.

Preventing the risk of this happening is one of the main reasons for families to use a Asst management firm.

Centralized services

There are many other advantages to using the services of a Asst management office:

  • Transparency – Ensuring that systems are in place to handle family wealth transparently and avoid potential conflicts.
  • Harmonization of interests – The establishment of a single entity can harmonize the individual interests of family members and their respective financial advisors within a common plan.
  • Higher potential returns – Having a single, centralized wealth management strategy for all extended family members tends to generate better returns and reduce risk, unlike many arrangements.
  • Separation of business and wealth interests –
  • Separating personal family assets from the family business and savings or wealth.
  • Centralization of risk – By having a complete overview of all aspects of the family’s investments, the wealth management office can anticipate and minimize potential risks.
  • Centralized service – In other words, a single point of contact for all family matters and financial, legal and professional services.
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